About Amy Cox

Amy Cox is running for US Congress to help create an Ohio that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and the good ol’ boys network.

Amy Cox, then Peters, was the President of the Preble Shawnee High School Future Farmers of America in 1993

Early Life

AAmy Cox is a SW Ohio native who grew up west of Camden, Ohio. Amy attended public schools, graduating in 1996 from Preble Shawnee. She is the mother of 2 sons, the wife of a Union Iron Worker Local 290, and a teacher of science in public schools from 2003-2018. Amy has a BS in Biological Sciences and a MSEd from Indiana University. Amy currently uses her science background as director of operations at Guided By Mushrooms, one of Dayton’s first worker-owned Cooperatives.


As a teacher she has served as a union representative, club sponsor, and received several teacher awards. During her years as an educator, Amy witnessed first hand the results of right to work legislation, out of control costs of healthcare, and stagnant wages on the faces of her students. As a teacher in a right to work state, she felt it personally.

Amy brings to the table a fiery mix of manners, wit, seriousness, small town charm, wisdom, respect and humor that works well when trying to get people to work together for a common good. Her voice cannot be ignored. Her passion for injustices should be bottled up and sold, no marketing needed.

Amy also brings her knowledge of science and education and an ability to ask good questions on complicated subjects, like where did all the $$$ go that used to belong to the middle class? Why are the working-middle class paying more and more for healthcare while health insurance companies have enjoyed record profits for decades?   She understands that we didn’t just give it away willingly. There has been a concerted effort since the 1970’s to filch the programs and laws that kept the middle class strong and thriving.  Family time has turned into mandatory overtime, just to survive.  Amy not only wants answers to these questions, but she’s ready to tell the filchers to find a new hustle.


Amy understands that a politician who doesn’t ask good, hard questions that people want answers to, has to go! She understands that a politician should do their research, demand answers, clarification, and always consider how their decisions will effect the lives of their constituents.

Amy also understands that too many people in politics want the connections, the $$$, and to get themselves re-elected. She knows that working class people are under represented in government, because running for office and knocking on doors is a full time job that doesn’t include a paycheck or health insurance. This fact alone is why we get what we get in politics today.

Amy will firmly defend the working class because she IS the working class!  Amy has been a victim of garbage Right to Work legislation that is nothing more than organized wage suppression on the working class. In 2016 she fiercely went to bat for her colleagues over unfair labor practices, by speaking out at a board meeting and submitting an Op-Ed to the local newspaper, shaming the practices for what they were…a form of wage suppression.  As a result, Amy received letters of support from current and former school faculty and administration and the employees received their owed wages within 48 hours.

Amy is mad, Amy is fed up, and Amy is going to DC to give them an education!

Vote for Amy Cox for US Congress in 2024 if you want to see the fed-up teacher deliver a lesson to our law makers on behalf of you, the voters!

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