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Amy Cox Produces Deep Fake For The Real Fake, Rodney Creech

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EATON, OH - Amy Cox, Candidate for State Representative in Ohio District 40, released a one-of-a-kind political ad today using Deep Fake AI Technology merged with political satire and the comedy film Super Troopers to highlight the hypocrisy and incompetence of her opponent Rodney Creech in a hilarious manner everyone can enjoy. Creech substitutes in the ad [...]

Rodney Creech And Mike DeWine Want to Arrest You and Take Your Weed

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My opponent bragged about getting into helicopters to search yards in Preble County for Pot much for "freedom" and personal "liberty". Instead of snooping on your flowers, I will vote to legalize recreational cannabis in Ohio. It's high time we do. #ohio #elections2022 #rodneycreech #amycox #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #marijuana #marijuananews

Vote This November to Defeat Christo Fascist White Nationalism

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Christofascist white nationalists are running everywhere except 'away'. They brag that they will not stop until the Handmaid's Tale is real. And they've taken over one of our country's political parties. Vote this November to send them packing. #ohio #ohiogop #ohiopolitics #facistsinamerica #christofacism #voteblue #voteamycox #blueohio

Vote Rodney Creech To Keep The Domestic Infant Supply Chain Intact

By |August 30th, 2022|Categories: Campaign, Healthcare, Issues|

Amy Cox, the Democratic Party candidate for Ohio State Representative in District 40, turned the tables of political advertising today by releasing an advertisement FOR HER OPPONENT. "This one is FOR Representative Rodney Creech so I expect to see my in-kind donation up on his financial form 😊. Enjoy, share, send to everyone [...]

You Need Amy Cox For State Representative

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This November, you can either vote to send someone to the statehouse who thinks you deserve a living wage 💰 or someone who voted to subject your young daughter to INTERNAL GENITAL EXAMS 🤮 Go to to register before the October 11 deadline.

Machines of Political Dishonesty, They Still Live

By |May 17th, 2022|Categories: Campaign, Issues|

Politicians lie like the tick of a tock on a clock. And when Republican Rodney Creech talks about loving freedom, he's lying to you. Just last year he bragged about flying helicopter missions with the local police force to identify cannabis plants in fields and yards around Preble County - the ultimate in big nanny [...]

Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters Endorses Amy Cox

By |September 23rd, 2020|Categories: Campaign, Democracy, Economy, Endorsements, Issues, Labor, Unions|

Since 1918, the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters has protected countless lives and property across this great state. I am honored and humbled to accept the endorsement of their 12,000 member-strong association and will take their fight for public safety to Columbus! ✊ #Vote #flip43

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