Excellent article about the one party rule and where that’s landed us today.


“In 1960, when Camden farmer Carl House, a Democrat, was named president of the board of Preble County commissioners, a fellow Democrat, Homer Bacon would be the top vote getter in a four-way race for two open commissioner seats that November. Even in a community that leaned conservative, the events were not overly newsworthy.

House would eventually lose two Commissioner election bids, one by 399 votes, the other by 67, but both he, and Bacon, would serve two terms on the board.

During this era, Democrat officeholders, in the courthouse, were commonplace.

From at least the mid-1950s through 1976, the prosecuting attorney’s office was occupied by a Democrat. A Democrat held the Engineer’s office from 1964-1984 (retired). Democrats held both the Auditor’s and Recorder’s office, at least one term each, during the 1960s, and beginning in the early 1950s through the early 1990s, the clerk of Court office was held by a Democrat for about 30 of those 40 years.

But, that changed in the 1990s.”